The recipients of our 2020 RT | Foundation Award have been announced. That’s right, you read that correctly – we said recipients, plural.

In a surprise twist, on par with how unexpected this year has truly been, we have decided to award not one, but two businesses with this year’s RT | Foundation Award! This year was difficult for many people, especially small businesses – since the mission of the RT | Foundation is to support our community and help them thrive, choosing two winners was the natural choice this year.

Congratulations to our winners Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters and Yes Crickets! We can’t wait to work with you on these projects.

Saw Dog Coffee Roasters Original Bag Design

Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters
South Burlington, VT

Yes Crickets Original Bag Design

Yes Crickets
Owen Sound, ON

See what they’ve won!

Check out what you could win!

Custom Packaging Design

Pouch Production

Product Photography

Custom Packaging Design


Custom Packaging Design

We offer you a full custom redesign, created by our boutique creative agency! Our “Tailored to You” design package will provide you with three (3) concept designs, two (2) rounds of revision, one (1) rendered mock-up, and final print-ready files for one (1) SKU of your choice.

Pouch Production

1,000 RT | Recyclable Stand-Up Pouches in our “SUP250” size, printed with your new package design on them! These packages will include a zipper and will be from our recyclable line of materials.


Once your packaging is designed, printed, and manufactured, we know you’ll want to show it off. That’s why an 8-hour stylized photoshoot of your new packaging, followed by 2-hours of post-production work, are included in this prize!


We understand how important word-of-mouth promotion is for small businesses, which is why we will promote your business on our social media channels, newsletter, and through a Case Study that’s featured on our website! In total, we have a reach of over 8,000 like-minded entrepreneurs that are eager to support fellow small businesses in any way they can.

Coming to a total cash-value of

Past Winners

Cafe Las Penas
Our first recipient & the inspiration behind the RT | Foundation, Café Las Peñas, is a coffee company based in Costa Rica

Carcalho Coffee

Our second recipient, Carvalho Coffee, started as a stock/label client, and was ready jump into customized packaging!
Our third recipient, K9 Kelp, provides dog treats made from kelp that are sustainably sourced in BC!


This contest is open to businesses based in Canada (excluding the Province of Québec) and the United States of America. Unfortunately for the time being, we cannot run this contest in Québec, but we promise we’ll have a different contest just for you sometime soon!

While you don’t have to be a small business or a business without customized packaging to apply, the goal of this award is to help smaller businesses get their foot in the door and into customized packaging. This means that as we go through applications, our Application Committee will show preference to businesses who could benefit from this award the most. Read our full Rules and Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a current Rootree customer to apply?

You do not need to be a current Rootree customer to apply, nor will our Application Committee favour current
customers over other applicants! This award is designed to help the small business community as a whole thrive.

Is there a criterion you will be judging against?

Yes, the Application Committee has set aside certain criteria that they will use to declare a winner. This criterion is based upon the following:

  • The applicant’s business’ need for customized packaging 60% and,
  • Sustainable efforts the business puts forward to create a greener earth 40%

I have customized packaging, but it is old and outdated. Will I still be considered to win the contest?

Yes! We understand that taking the time and resources to redesign your packaging isn’t viable for everyone, which is
why we created this award! Ideally, our winner will be someone who currently uses stock/label or outdated packaging.

Who is not eligible for the award?

Unfortunately, we can’t open this contest up to everyone in Canada and the USA. This year, the RT | Foundation Award
contest will not be eligible to the following locations and industries:

  • Residents of the Province of Québec
  • Companies in the cannabis and pharma sector

Do I need to follow all your social media channels? What happens if I don’t have an account on all the channels?

To qualify for the award, you need to follow all of our social media channels that you have. This means that if you have Instagram and Facebook, but not LinkedIn, you only need to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and you will not be disqualified for not having a LinkedIn account!

I have some additional questions I can’t find the answer to, where do I send them?

You can send any questions regarding the award to hello@rootree.ca! We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Rules & Regulations